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we knew it was coming and thank you

This week has been a bit challenging

As those of you who have been following this little business for a while will know, when we first started, there wasn't really much in the way of up cycled products available.

Now up cycling is most definitely a more widely used term. As is ethical, sustainable, circular economy, to name a few. Don't get me wrong- thats AMAZING.

This is really good news, as obviously it means that more and more fabrics and items are being saved from landfill and made fit for purpose again.

The up cycling process is labour intensive. VERY labour intensive. But necessary. 

Unfortunately, as with most things that become popular or on trend, the buzz word of 'up cycling' is now being used by certain newer brands, when in fact, the materials they use, were NOT intended for landfill.


We worked for a very long time [YEARS], to establish and forge new connections and relationships to allow us to build a sustainable supply chain. 

It is ENTIRELY transparent. 

As consumers, stockists, retailers, sales representatives, makers, we always need to be asking for that transparency. That truth.

I would like to thank all of you who have bought or stock our bags and also for remaining loyal to us, when it would appear that we are now being imitated.

We have never spent lots of money on PR or branding.

The main focus has and ALWAYS will be, the saving of fabric from landfill. However, some have the funds to make themselves widely known, so may be mistaken for the original [this actually happened to us this week- its very frustrating]

It would make much more sense to work together, sharing fabrics and respecting each others work. Unfortunately, some businesses are very much businesses in the monetary sense of the word and that can make them very shortsighted.

Hopefully this will change. Soon.

I would just politely ask one thing of anyone reading this, [hopefully it may have some effect]

...look for the original, ask the questions. In the meanwhile, we're gonna keep our heads down and continue to save and repurpose as much fabric as we can, whilst bringing you the best quality, fresh products- in a quiet way.

No bells or whistles, no fancy branding or blowing of trumpets.

No lies. 

Thanks for reading, Gx


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  • I am completely with you on this, 100% I have just written an article for my magazine regarding bridal design (second issue out in June) and the few designers who have fortunes to spend on poshed and pimped ‘organic silks’ and sell this idea to conscious brides for thousands of extra pounds. I designed and made the dresses for the accompanying shoot out of discarded bedsheets no less! Bit of a rebellious stance but the whole greedy business of weddings and luxury fashion troubles me greatly. Your dam right it’s labour intensive but I feel by rescuing textiles and evolving them I am doing a small slice of good. My website is….my magazine link on the site is Dekko.1
    It is my birthday very soon and I’ve asked my husband for one of your bags! Been a long standing ambition to own one. Best of luck with your continuous endeavours x

    Kyla Prior

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