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Back from holibobs, BBC News and The One Show

We had an AMAZING time away, although having been back around two weeks or so, it feels a bit like a distant memory.... but in the MOST amazing way!

wyatt and jam inflatable amnesty the one show

We've arrived back to the most INSANE amount of press, articles and an invite to have a little chat about our Inflatable Amnesty® as well as play a 'guess what this is?' sustainable accessories game with Carla Delevigne and Orlando Bloom [as you do!] on The One Show AND have been completely inundated with orders as well as people wanting to send us in their broken and / or defunct inflatables! AMAZING!

wyatt and jack cara delivigne orlando bloom the one show flamingo bag

If you would like to send in your inflatable/s, the address to send to is here


If you would like to follow the journey of what your item becomes, or watch us unbox them as they arrive, its all on our Instagram stories and feed here

If you've sent us something- don't worry! We are gradually working our way through them and you will receive a notification shortly :)

If you've placed an order within this *completely mental* period, we are [almost] back on top, so again, thanks for your patience and support during this time!

Happy Friday!!

W&J x

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