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Wyatt and Jack X Catapult Clothing

We are REALLY REALLY PLEASED to introduce our most recent collaboration, with children's T-Shirt and clothing brand Catapult Clothing

Catapult was launched in 2014 by two London Mums.

Lettice Hagan and Federica Medina have 6 boys between them and both felt there was a gap in the market for well-designed t-shirts.

Bright colours.

Simple yet distinctive designs.

Pitched exactly to 5-14 year olds, [a notoriously difficult age to appeal to! ]

Their six boys (Bruno, Kit, Robin, Giovanni, Lorenzo & Sebi ) remain keenly involved in the design stage. Early on, Lettice and Frederica made a silent pact that they would endeavour to keep Catapult as 'green' as possible.

They have now sourced not just 100% organic t shirts but also produced under fair labour conditions with every attempt made at being as sustainable as possible. 

Lettuce explains:

"Discovering Wyatt & Jack was a major 'light bulb' moment for us. Spot on design AND completely sustainable to boot"

Catapult approached us with a teeny, tiny [!] task.

With their boys in mind, they wanted a solution to what they referred to as the 'sleepover problem'

A kit bag just big enough for a toothbrush and a deodorant, but still fun and would appeal to the 'just-approaching-teenager- aged boys' market... ??!

Together we have solved this problem, [YES!]

Introducing, our mid sized wash | kit bag, made from our up cycled broken British bouncy castle PVC [so completely wipe clean!] in LOADS of colour variations, lined in a choice of up cycled neon kite fabric, or smooth burgundy parachute material, with either a lightening bolt or military star appliqué detail...

See the whole collaboration H E R E




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