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Wyatt and Jack X National Trust [Knoll Beach, Studland]

Its been quite a long time since Ive had a chance to write anything here, sorry for the radio silence!

As some of you may know, we launched our Inflatable Amnesty back in July, a really amazing successful Crowdfunder project and in December, our first ever high street shop, so none of our feet have really touched the ground!

The Inflatable Amnesty has gone from strength to strength and the public response to it has blown us away!

wyatt and jack inflatable amnesty with the national trust studland bay

We are receiving inflatables from EVERYWHERE, which is incredible! We are so so thankful to every one of you has shared our initiative, sent us your old inflatable friends or set up collection points on our behalf! 

Around a month or so after seeing our Inflatable Amnesty on Instagram, National Trust ranger Mollie Gadd got in contact and explained that she wanted the team of rangers based in Studland, Dorset, to be involved in some way...

They are at the forefront of local beach cleans and experience first hand the enormity of inflatables and other beach paraphernalia that gets left behind on the beach, just waiting to head out to sea and cause all kinds of damage to marine life...

Mollie and her team began separating the found discarded inflatables and setting them aside for us to come and collect...

To complete the circle, the Knoll Beach Shop are now stocking the bags that we have made from the inflatables thrown away on Studland Beaches

** UPDATE // the first batch of products has now SOLD OUT! A new batch is on the way... follow our instagram grid for more info

wyatt and jack bags from broken inflatables studland bay division of national trust


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  • Do you know if there is anywhere I can take or send my old inflatables to be recycled? Are the National Trust taking them? I have seen a number of articles about recycling them but none say where you can take them to.


    Jo Mare

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