Wyatt and Jack X Stellen UK

It been a while since you've heard from us... thats because it would seem that 2018 is very much the year of the collaboration!
We've been working on LOADS of projects and this is the first chance theres been to put some words down about them all!
A few months ago, we were approached by the lovely Kate at Stellen UK, about a possible fabric collaboration, we had a look at her amazingly colourful, stylish jewellery and it was an immediate YES!
wyatt and jack x stellen uk zero waste journey collaboration british sustainable brand earrings
It happened at just the right time too, as we were looking for ways to  reuse the fabric offcuts from our bags as part of our journey towards eventually becoming zero waste.
Here Kate talks a little bit about her quirky jewellery brand and what inspires her unique pieces..
"Hi, I’m Kate and I do all of the designing and making at Stellen.
Diverting waste into beautiful, stand-out products is what I am passionate about. 
With a background in community, youth theatre & teaching I have always worked in, albeit in a multi-hyphenated way, creative industries with a desire to “give back”. I was inspired by Elvis and Kresse and their amazing work to divert firehose from landfill, and thought: what can I do? That’s when I discovered Tshirt yarn! Reclaimed from surplus, off cuts and over production in factories throughout Europe, Tshirt yarn is the perfect material for chunky statement jewellery that doesn’t cost the earth. So much useable material is left over from fast fashion production, and accounts for so much landfill waste, turning it into yarn provides a brilliant solution. 
wyatt and jack x stellen uk british brand collaboration using bouncy castle bag offcuts
I am always on the lookout for creative ways to divert waste. I have recently started a collaboration with Wyatt and Jack to use off cuts from their recycled bouncy castle & deckchair bag production, taking them a step closer to zero waste, and bringing some pretty awesome earrings to life!
I believe everyone can make a difference, no matter how small ♻️"
You can see the whole Stellen UK  rainbow range here

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