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Wyatt & Jack X Coppafeel! [the continued adventures of the boob cube]

A couple of weeks ago, we received a message from the lovely Kris [founder at breast cancer charity Coppafeel!] about their decommissioned inflatable Boob Cube

The Boob Cube has travelled around the country, to various festival and events and served as an tool to raise awareness of the early signs of breast cancer, in younger people

Unfortunately, after years of dedicated service, the boob cube had come to its natural end and the guys at Coppafeel! didn't want to send it/her to landfill...

We have worked with their team, to bring the Boob Cube- back to life!

We really wanted it to continue to raise awareness after its initial life, so we've designed a limited edition range of bags, made specifically from the boob cube with TWO brilliant extra features...

Firstly, we will be giving money from the sale of each product, to Coppafeel! to continue their valuable work in raising beast cancer awareness

Secondly, inside each of the [individually numbered] 'Boob Cube Bags' there is a QR code, which you can scan with your phone and links directly to the boob checking information page on the Coppafeel! website


See the whole Wyatt & Jack X Coppafeel! *Boob Cube* edit here

legal part [so you know what you we will be donating, each time a bag is purchased]

Wyatt & Jack will donate amounts shown below, of the retail price, to Coppafeel! [registered charity number: 1132366 and SC0459] from the sale of the products within this collection

nipple tote: £7.00 

pink boob scallop string pouch £5.00

XL pink/grey tote £10

oversize zip clutch £5

                                 Wyatt and jack X coppafeel! boob cube bags

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