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Wyatt & Jack X RNRMC

Early last year, I received an email from the lovely Bob at the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

Bob had a life raft problem, that he needed some help solving...

The Royal Navy [and marines] use inflatable life rafts as part of their training and over the course of time, these life rafts may develop faults, tears, or be decommissioned for safety reasons.

Bobs issue, was that he [and the Royal Navy] didn't want to see these rafts languishing in landfill until the end of time...

And we were so pleased to be able to help!

We started with one raft, to see how many bags we would be able to make from it- from the largest size, right down to the smallest...

THEN, we put a QR inside each of the bags, so you can trace the provenance of the boat, plus see the valuable work that the RNRMC do to help veterans and their families.

In addition, money from the sale of each of these bags goes back to the RNRMC, to complete the circle

See the whole collection here

See a brief film of how they were made here


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