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Your Returns, What Happens to Them and Why?

So what's the 'Industry Standard' at the moment, with regard to your 'returned' or 'unwanted' item?

Well, I recently read something on the BBC Earth website, that completely blew my mind!

Did you know, that when you return an item you have ordered online [the article I read here, uses the example of a new pair of trainers], even because the size doesn't fit and the item ISNT faulty, that item has a more than 50% chance, of being shipped out again and heading to landfill...?! WTF?!


NEVER having been worn??!

We're are a slightly larger company than we were a year ago,  so we're receiving more returns...

I still take it really personally, but am slowly learning that these things happen.

We have and always have had, an 'end of life' policy and a repairs service. Right since the very beginning...

We know that we have to be responsible for the items we create, even after they have ceased to be useful as the original item..

Wyatt and jack what we do with your returns sale rail

What I haven't had a chance to really talk about before, is our returns process...

So, if we receive an item and it has an obvious flaw in the manufacturing,  [lets face it, we're all human- they will do on occasion!] we then talk about the item together in the workshop, what changes can we make that would mean that mistake could be avoided in future?

Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves that  the variations of fabric mean we are working in entirely different ways, [sometimes during the process of just one bag!]

Constantly adjusting and ironing out our kinks [excuse the pun!]

In the most cases, we repair the item and send it back out to the customer asap- then hopefully all is resolved!

So, what about the items that are just a matter of taste?

Well, as with [most] companies, we have straightforward a returns policy and when appropriate, we will offer refunds and/ or store credit- BUT what happens to the item?

Again, as the fabrics we are working with are not commonly used for this purpose, we work to our own scale of 'wonky' AND as the whole ethos of Wyatt and Jack is centred around sustainability- there's NO WAY in hell, that we would bin these products!

To us- that's NUTS!

With this in mind and using our wonky scale, we either add them straight to our sale rail here, or, if we decide that actually, the item returned is really a matter of taste... then we pop it back online, confident that it will find its correct owner in the end...

This will always be the way we work. Whats surprising to me, is that the obvious, is now the 'forward thinking?'

Who knew??

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