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Airbed Daypack - wyattandjack®
Airbed Daypack - wyattandjack®

Airbed Daypack

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As part of our Inflatable Amnesty® we have received a LOT of inflatable airbeds / mattresses...

Like, a LOT... probably almost HALF of all the items we have received, have been airbeds.

Initially, we had such an enormous influx, that we had to say to say no to accepting them, for storage reasons... but now, we've found we are able to make some products from them, that we think have quite a cool 1970's feel to them [partly because of the flocked finished on one side...]

We hope you like them, as usual, this is not a solution, just a swerve, until something more sustainable comes along, to help with the problem of these being sent to landfill, where they will take hundreds of years to decompose- if at all!


H: 33cm W: 32cm [approx]