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Did you know, that here in the UK, each beach tends to stick to its own stripe [give or take...] when it comes to deckchair canvas?

Neither did we! Until we travelled around the coast, collecting it up and giving it a second chance at life..

Our deckchair pouches are made from the offcuts generated during the cutting process of our tote bags, in order to generate as little waste as possible!

They are a mix of stripes, so you end up with a little surprise!

the back panels are made from salvaged bouncy castles,to help keep the shape nice and rigid for daily use

** please note: all sizes are approximate, some of these little guys may end up bigger, some smaller... they are all about reducing waste, so we make that our priority....**


W: 15cm H: 10cm

please note: all sizes are approximate and colours may vary due to the salvaged and recycled nature of our fabrics