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Wyatt & Jack // Who We Are and How We Work 
Wyatt & Jack are a UK based sustainable brand, creating bags and accessories from salvaged bouncy castles, deckchair canvas and inflatables, since 2010.
So far as a company, we have swerved tonnes and tonnes of  plastic and mixed fibre fabrics from landfill and also employ an ‘End of Life’ and ‘Repairs’ policy, to ensure we remain responsible for the products we create, even after they have reached the customer 
We post all our products in minimal, plastic free, recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging
We make to order and carry minimum stock.
Our returns are resold on the sale rail of our online store at discounted value
We employ 7 people, as an accredited living wage employer, in a rural area with high unemployment.
We work with and support other artists and independents on various ‘zero waste’ products, to ensure we are generating as little waste [from waste!] as possible
In an effort to offset our carbon emissions, we subscribe to the Ecologi tree planting project and are currently investigating renewable energy options..
In 2018 we launched our Inflatable Amnesty, which allows the public to send us their broken inflatables, to avoid sending them to landfill, with the option of  also having a bag made for themselves. This has built a community which also involves members of the public becoming collection points, so we can then arrange collection of fabrics in larger numbers.
It has also enabled people to feel like they can positively contribute to a solution to the single use plastic problem.
We regularly hold bag auctions and give monies to charity, including through the sale of our collaborative collections, which are continual
As an employer, we hold regular individual and group staff meetings, to ensure the wellbeing of our staff holistically, to ensure they feel valued and are working in an environment where they can show off their strengths and we can support them in areas where they may feel less confident.
We employ apprentices [also on a living wage] and send staff on training courses and regularly discuss opportunities for extra qualifications..
We listen to a LOT of music and there are generally a fair amount of baked goods on offer for breaks...
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