Covid-19 Prevention Policy

In these very weird times we [along with everyone else], have had to make some difficult decisions based on how we can keep both our customers and staff safe

Heres a little run down of what we've done/ are currently doing in a continually evolving situation

All of our team members have read and signed the government issued Covid-19 risk assessment and have been made aware of the new practices and procedures

We have advised all of our [now much smaller] team, to not come into work, if they are showing any coronavirus symptoms

All of our team have their temperature taken digitally and recorded, upon entry into our workshop

Everyone washes their hands as soon as they enter the workshop

Our hand washing facilities have changed, we now have a whizzy machine that you wave your hands underneath, so it will dispense soap without touching sorcery!

We now have one pattern cutter per cutting table [over 2 metres apart] and have added an additional cutting table

We have three machinists, with each machine spaced over two metres apart

We no longer use valves on any of our inflatable amnesty bags, in addition, we leave all inflatable amnesty post in its packaging for over 72 hours after arrival with us, before opening it

We wash all our bouncy castle fabric in machines at very high temperatures.

The offcuts which are generated during the bouncy castle manufacturing process and as such have yet to be used, are also sprayed with non toxic, cruelty free [either Method or Ecover] antibacterial cleaners and wiped clean, with recycled disposable cloths, as a precautionary measure, once at cutting stage, again once they've been sewn and again before they are packaged and sent via our Royal Mail 48hr tracked service

Our order packers wear masks whilst packing our orders to be sent 

Hand sanitiser is widely available inside the workshop and at the front door

Our workshop is no longer open to the public

Lottie has a separate HR and customer service 'office' [we call it an office, its really a shed, within our workshop...don't worry- she's got a window!]

All machinists have separate bins for recycled and disposable cleaning cloths, which are emptied at the end of each day, along with all the other workshop bins

In addition, we are working as a much smaller team, [for obvious reasons...] so our lead times may be a little bit longer than we would like them to be... please rest assured, we are all working as hard as we can, to get your made-to-order bag out to you, as quickly as possible, whilst still doing our best to keep everyone safe..

Thanks so much for your continued patience and support- we really do appreciate it!