Meet the beach


  • meet the beach - we asked our team four questions
  • tell us a story about your connection with the beach…
  • which is your favourite bag and why?
  • what puts a smile on your face?
  • what do you put on your toast?


emily - samples and small bag machinist

  • Beach. Sunbathing down at appley beach with some chums all aged around 15 years old and thinking it was a good idea to use Hawaiian tropic oil with no spf! ouch!
  • Bag. Fav bag is my bright orange flynn. fab bag to sling across you and keep all your bits and bobs safe when down at the beach.
  • Smile. my girls when they are behaving and being funny. a natural gift little people have!
  • Toast. just loads of melted butter but sometimes have a craving for peanut butter!

Phil - graphics and web

  • Beach. I live by the beach. I surf at the beach. I got married by the beach. I play with my kids on the beach and hang out with friends on the beach. At work I design stuff for other people to use on the beach. When I go on holiday, it’s usually to a foreign beach and most of my best memories are from the beach. My mental map of the world is triangulated by beaches and if I wasn’t developing this website I’d be at the beach.
  • Bag. Board bag. My surfboards are more valuable than my car (it’s quite a shit car), so it pays to look after them.
  • Smile. My kids and their perfectly simplistic view of the world.
  • Toast. Bacon, eggs and another bit of toast.

demi - road tester

  • Beach. the beach is the last part of the journey to the sea - a place of adventure and possibilities; swimming, surfing, supper... growing up in cornwall it was a place we sought out, in all weathers. Even when we moved to the desert we'd make the regular journey to the coast, camping out for the weekend, to clear the dust and find some breathing space.The ocean brought us together and gave us our freedom, which is how I feel about the sea. It always draws you back. There's sand in my house, my handbag and my car but that's fine, it just means that wherever I go I take a little bit of the beach with me.
  • Bag. My tote, my escape bag. It holds my handplane and swim fins and permanently lives in my car so wherever I am I can always dip in for a quick surf. It's made from a deep, dark bottle green reclaimed PVC so I can sit on it and drive home in my wetsuit if I'm feeling lazy or sit on it for an impromtu beach bbq. 
  • Smile. Good friends, good stories, good music, good waves, good words, good food, good weather, good design, good times! And of course a cat in a fish bowl never fails to raise a smile!
  • Toast. Umm, I'm going through a bit of a porridge renaissance at the moment...but from bananas to brie I haven't found anything that doesn't go with toast.

Ernie - road tester

  • Beach. First memories of the beach start in Peru - the women I love most in my life (my mom and sisters) always smelling of sun block and always around, sand everywhere, ice cream on tap.
  • Bag. Wash bag, always smells good, always keeps me fresh.
  • Smile. Change if seasons, strangers laughing.
  • Toast. Salted Butter.

Amanda - road tester

  • Beach. Sandown beach is where I spent many a happy summer's day as a child, walking along the sea wall, making sandcastles and splashing in the sea. Now it is my place of work. Together with my husband, Greg, I run the Beach Shack Cafe on the Sandown to Shanklin revetment. Our children enjoy an idyllic childhood on the beach in front of the cafe. I can't think of a better place to live, work, socialise and bring up our children.
  • Bag. re, dunno yet...
  • Smile. Seeing George (Wyatt and Jack creator) pull up in Frank (the name of the car!) to deliver a new bag to me, then walking a long the front and seeing a colour coordinated deckchair. Fab!
  • Toast. Lashings of lovely butter!