10L b i k e | t o t e

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I love to ride my BICYCCLLLLLEEEEEEE... i love to ride my bike...

BUT, i don't want my stuff to get wet and i want to be comfy and i don't want a standard rucksack...

Yep, the cyclists amongst us know what they want, they are VERY particular and rightly so!

We built the 10 Litre roll top bike tote with the cyclist in mind! [not exclusively, we don't want the pedestrians to feel left out!]

the bike tote has the most distinguishing features of all of our bags- heres the list [we like a list!]

extendable roll top closure

adjustable 50mm shoulder strap,

side bar quick release clasp fastening

top handle strap

reflective strip


zipped closure

inner slide rivet pocket

the pictures show the bag at its full extension and and its smallest size, so you get a clearer idea...

Its large enough to put your coat and other bulky outerwear in, in case it starts off rainy and ends up sunny- like it does- ALL THE TIME!

We've tried to make it an all-weather bag, for all weather types, but without a big song and dance!

We want it to sit so comfortably, that you hardly know its even there...


H: 62cm [fully extended] 36cm [rolled]

W: 35cm

D: 5cm