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FAQ's / Inflatable Amnesty

We are trying to sort logistics and raise funds to continue our inflatable amnesty, you can read more about it here 

Inflatable Amnesty:

I have an old inflatable pirate, unicorn, giant pizza some bananas and possibly a parrot- how do I send them to you?

NB: We only accept inflatables showing the CE mark, either on the packaging, or on the item itself

To send us a packaged item up to 15kg ONLY click here
PLEASE NOTE: THIS LINK WILL NOT WORK FOR ITEMS OVER 15kg [most inflatables are under this weight, so all should be cool!]
ANY ITEMS OVER 15kg PLEASE EMAIL: inflatableamnesty@wyattandjack.com and we will sort for you, alternatively, if you would like to just donate the item to swerve from landfill - [thankyou! you're AMAZING!] the address is:
Wyatt & Jack's Inflatable Amnesty
Unit H, Langbridge Business Centre, Mersley Lane, Newchurch, Sandown IOW PO36 0NP
If you would like to see what we make from your item / purchase it back, please enclose our printable custom order form, which can be found here
We have a large amount of inflatables to send to you, how do we go about it?
If your items are heavier than 15kg or very bulky and may need a pallet, please email inflatableamnesty@wyattandjack.com and we can help you out
What items do you accept?
Unfortunately, we can't accept: rubber footballs, wetsuits, space hoppers, yoga / exercise balls, paddling pools with rigid sides, hot tubs, swimming caps, shower curtains, birthing pools, rubber gloves, helium or latex balloons
NOTE: AIRBEDS: if your broken inflatable airbed has a plug-in motor, please REMOVE the motor before sending
Everything else is basically all cool- if in doubt, give us a shout on:
If you would like to drop something off at one of our Inflatable Amnesty collection points, please see our google map here
How clean do the items I want to send have to be?
All inflatables are cleaned thoroughly before we work with them.
Ideally all inflatables that are sent to us would be clean but we understand that this isn't always possible, so yes we do take dirty ones...
The one thing we can't accept are mouldy inflatables. If you're not sure whether its mouldy or dirty then we do ask for you to try and give it a clean yourself, if the marks don't come off, then it's mould and we can't take them sorry :(
If possible, please make sure the items are as dry as possible before packaging them up.
We would like to become a collection point, how do we go about that?
Please send an email over to inflatableamnesty@wyattandjack.com and we can add you to our Inflatable Amnesty google map [we never give out personal details, so request that you have an active social media handle that we can direct people to] 
NB: please email hello@wyattandjack.com for latest COVID-19 update with regard to collection points
Other Bits n Bobs
Can I have a progress report on my order?
All orders receive a confirmation email, once we receive payment
you will then receive another notification once the order has been dispatched.
We try our best to dispatch all orders within 7-10 working days (starting the day after the order was placed).
This can be longer during busy summer periods, but how good is it that we're making it to order for you, instead of creating tonnes of unwanted stock??!
** COVID-19 UPDATE:  please bear in mind that our products are all made to order, aside from those in the Inflatable Amnesty collection, we are doing the best we can whilst maintaining safe working practices ** 
To see the whole Inflatable Amnesty® Collection, please click here
Read more on our Covid-19 prevention Policies here
If you have not received a notification within this time frame [please firstly check your junk/spam] then please don't hesitate to contact us on hello@wyattandjack.com  
Can I change my delivery address?
We will endeavour to help with this however if the order has already been put through the Royal Mail system our end then we can't change it, [basically if you need it changed then email hello@wyattandjack.com sooner rather than later!]
Can I add to my order?
Unfortunately not, we can't amend anything our end once its placed.
For custom enquiries, please email production@wyattandjack.com
I forgot to use my discount code, can you do that for me?
We're unable to add this retrospectively i'm afraid 
Can I combine orders to save on postage?
It depends, each situation is different and we understand that, mostly everything order processing -related works through a fully automated system of computer witchcraft that we can't amend manually, so best to send an email to hello@wyattandjack.com and we'll see what we can do...
Can I track my order?
Yep! Once the item has been dispatched you will be emailed a tracking number
How long will my orders take to arrive?
We try [really hard!] to dispatch all orders within 7-10 working days [please see Covid-19 prevention policy/update here]
BUT we are a sustainable manufacturing facility, so every single one of our bags is made to order- by hand... we like to give ourselves a couple of days grace on that front, so we don't disappoint!

Can I have an item made in specific materials / colours?

If it is an existing product on our website that you would like in different colours or materials then yep, its possible! 

Please email production@wyattandjack.com for more info 

How can I remove crinkles from my bag?

Please do remember- our fabrics are ALL salvaged- the odd mark and crinkle adds to the character and should be expected. If you would like to flatten the fabric of your bag, we recommend placing it face down, underneath some books/magazines on a flat surface, overnight. The remaining creases will drop out gradually during daily use

PLEASE NOTE: 48 hour tracking is the time Royal Mail take to deliver the item, once its been sent.. not from when the order was placed